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We design games for all major form factors: mobile, tablet, watch, tv and also vr headsets.
We’re constantly making versions of our games to suit.


We create and publish mobile games for iOS, Android and other modern platforms


Founded in 2011, we’ve always strived to make fun and engaging games for the ever-enthusiastic gaming audience.
We’re based in Hyderabad, India.


Our Thoughts, Insights and News Updates

15 December 2017

Teleport Pro: The Sorcerer of Space

This game revolves around a space shuttle launched for a mission to explore the forbidden planets and collect cubes from there. But those objects are safeguarded by destructive mechanisms.

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12 December 2017

The First Ever Game Convention Within A VR Venue: IN-VR Gaming Convention

in-VR Gaming Convention, the first ever game convention held completely within virtual reality. IN-VR LIMITED, a London based event-tech company

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8 December 2017

Snow Slide: An Adventure In Antarctica

We packed up the exotic experience with a fun touch in the enticing game, Snow Slide. Come, let’s take a tour to the south pole!

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1 December 2017

MIGS17 – A One-stop Destination For Knowledge, Networking, And Fun

The 14th edition of Montreal International Game Summit, MIGS17, invites all indie game devs, studios, brands, and enthusiasts to learn and play, to exhibit and business, and to hire and get hired.

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1 December 2017

Fun Learning for The Young Ones

we made one such superb game and named it - The Young Ones. In this game, you are going to play with funny images and sounds of animals, their babies and the homelands.

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