Be Stretchy and eat the bees

Posted on June 25th, 2016

A fun little game where you must eat all the bees. And how? By helping the Chameleon eat bees with its long Stretchy tongue! Be careful though as you need to time yourself according to a bee’s entry. Any failed attempt means game over!

How to play:

Have fun feeding the Chameleon…extend it’s tongue by tapping on the screen. The tap has to be timed well as the bees will be moving at different speeds. If the tongue misses the bee it will hit the spiky creepers that lay at the top. If the player takes too long, the bee will sting the chameleon.

stretchy 1 stretchy 2 stretchy 3 stretchy 4

Here’s a twist which makes the game more interesting. After a bee is eaten, another one flies into the screen moving at a different speed than the previous one. So, you need to adjust to the speed of the new bee and time the tap. Each bee eaten gives one point, the game ends if you take too long to eat the bee or if the tongue misses the bee and touches the spiky creepers.

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