Life at Avakai Games.

Game Artist (Minimum 1 Year Experience)

Job Location: Hyderabad, India

Job Description

As a Game Artist you will work primarily with game designers and producers on the execution of creating art for game titles. Your job will be to handle end-to-end art requirements for a game, from sketching out concepts and storyboards, developing art styles, to building game assets. You will be required to adapt to different art styles for different game titles.

We work on a wide variety of projects with varying styles and game mechanics, so you’ll be able to explore different genres and learn new techniques. An ideal candidate should take ownership over a game and do whatever it takes to create games that clearly stand out from the pack, while working closely with their fellow artists, game designers, and programmers to make sure they are aligned with the high standards we strive for.

Responsibilities and requirements

  • Create high-caliber art, maintaining excellent art quality in regard to character design, environmental design, set design, colour theory, layout, and animation ability.
  • Must be well versed with latest techniques for creating optimised game art and game animations.
  • Ability to create art and animation for all game aspects (screen layout, symbol sets, etc) with minimal guidance.
  • Understand how to design art for various themes and platforms.
  • Must have a keen eye for composition and colour.
  • Must have experience with Adobe Creative Suite, particularly Illustrator and Photoshop. Knowledge of Flash is a plus.
  • Knowledge of softwares like Spline are a plus.
  • Must be familiar with production pipeline using Unity engine.
  • Experience using Unity’s animation system is a plus.
  • Excellent teamwork skills.
  • Motivated, driven, and excited about design and game art, particularly casual game art with broad appeal.
  • Respond well to artistic direction but get the work done with minimal supervision.
  • Manage responsibilities across multiple projects.
  • Must keep themselves updated with the latest mobile games and the latest art styles. 

All applicants must provide their portfolio(website or blog)