Dodge The Bombs And Devour The Bees – Chompy Vs Bees

Posted on October 6th, 2017

Predating is not risky so long as the quarry never strikes back. But the real thrill comes when you escape an attack and catch the prey.

We found this concept interesting and immediately dived into action. Finally, we devised a thrilling game, Chompy Vs Bees, centering around a chameleon and a swarm of bees.

This is a single-player game and you are going to play for Chompy, a crazy chameleon. You have got to escape from the threat posed by the angry bees and use the tongue to snatch them with a blinding speed. Sounds good to go?

Chompy vs Bees, kemo, chompy, bees

The fight

The game revolves around Chompy, who always falls on the bees to assuage his appetite. The stingless bees, yellow jackets, and the black beetles syndicate and decide to counter-attack. They chalk out a plan to put an end to the pain.

It starts with the looks of a pleasant garden that is going to be a war field. Chompy lies on the ground striving to take on the bees. You can move him left and right by swiping on the screen accordingly. When you swipe it up, Chompy can snatch the bees with his long tongue.

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The stingless bees are flying atop to allure Chompy. They look beautiful with a pink coloration. When they are in the target line, swipe up on the screen to let Chompy lash his tongue and grab the bees. Every successful attempt gets you a point.

Trust us, the pink bees are just a trap. While you are busy in lashing out at the pinkies, some hazardous black beetles come along with them. Remember, you should not snatch them at any cost. If you do, it’s game over.

Well, you can be watchful in avoiding the beetles. But the mob has another plan for you. The yellow jackets enter the scene, folding and unfolding their thorny wings. If Chompy catches them when the wings are wide open, they would see him in hell. But if you manage to catch them when the wings are folded up, it could bring you two points. So guys, go grab ‘em!

That’s all? No, champ. The bees are fully prepared to beat Chompy. They have arranged a bomber overhead. It swings randomly and throws bombs. Heads up, dude! Move your thumb faster and swipe the screen left and right to dodge the bombs. Remember, even a second’s delay can blow him to smithereens.

Well, you are in full swing. How can we disappoint you for a single mistake? Yes, you have an option to revive. Click on revive and watch the video to go on your streak. But remember, this is just a one-time favor.

So finally…

You can’t guess the speed of the bees. The extra points allure you but you can’t fall for the yellow jackets and you shouldn’t mess with the black guerrillas. The bomber may target you at any time to end the game. Amidst all these challenges, you have to master your brain to top the leaderboard.

So what are you looking for? Download this fun-packed game from App Store (for iOS), Google Play (Android) and (for Android). And do remember to sign in to the leaderboard before you start playing.

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