Circle Hustle: Can You Soothe Your Anxious Nerve?

Posted on November 3rd, 2017

Some games are developed on simple logics and played with just a touch but, as a matter of fact, require more attention. Most of the game-lovers adore such games while checking how smart they are.

Keeping it in mind, we conceived an idea and quickly put it into action. Much to our delight, it turned out to be super funny. The circlets in this arcade game make you bustle and so the name Circle Hustle.

Circle Hustle, Avakai Games, casual games

The Hasty Run

Circles stand second to none in being a fun factor for game lovers. This is why we turned onto circles and here is the nimble theme:

The game tool is a small ball which rolls around a circle. The moment you tap to start, the circle starts dissolving. So tap the screen to make the ball jump to the next circle before the former one disappears. Again, the second circle starts shrinking that you have to take the ball to the next one and the loop continues as long as you can. For every successful leap, we give you one point. If the little ball misses the target, it’s game over.

Circle Hustle, avakai games, android games, ios games               CircleHustle gif, avakai agmes, games gifs               Circle Hustle, avakai games, android games, ios games

The theme is so simple, isn’t it? But there is a great challenge in its store.

The calculation is the lifeblood to score more in the game. Usually, when you whirl a tethered ball circularly and leaves it at any point, it goes on the tangent of the circle at that point. But, we took liberties with the physics of circular movement and made the ball go perpendicular to the tangent.

Whoa! Whoa! Let’s not make it a physics lecture. So getting to the point, tap the screen while the ball is in the middle of the two circles. That’s all!

We already told you that the moment you start the game, the circle starts shrinking. As it grows smaller, it starts blinking and very soon, it vanishes. If you don’t leap by that time, sorry, but you are too quick to go home. However, we love watching you make a big score and thus, provide you with an extra life. Just opt for revive and watch the video to resume your play. But remember, we do this favor for only one life.

Of course, you definitely take some time to study your target and fix a spot. As the ball makes rounds, you may tap in the second round or in the next, it’s up to you. But remember, some circles don’t let your eyes to flash and are too eager to run away. So better you make it fast.

As a bold player, you may wait until the circle starts blinking just a few fractions before it disappears. But the ball is yet to reach the spot. The danger lights trigger your anxious nerve and the moment you think it is on, you tap the screen. The ball flies and barely touching the edges, it goes away from the circle.  This is so bad, but you should have controlled your hasty finger.

Of course, this is the toughest challenge that hundreds of other players on the leaderboard are trying to overcome. Can you be the one to achieve it? Try then.

Download Circle Hustle from AppStore, Google Play and for your gadgets and start rushing the ball through the arena for the longest possible. And yeah, don’t forget to sign in to the leaderboard before you start playing.

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