Clear The Track: The Game Of Thorns

Posted on July 22nd, 2017

Action, adventure, simulation, or strategy- let the genre be anything, a game is a game only when it throws a challenge and enthralls you. Would you love something that never lets you wink and pulls you to play more? If you would, Clear the Track is entirely for you.

Come, let’s explore the fun factor of the game.

Clear The Track, avakai games, heo

Get ‘em out of the way!

This is an arcade game with a jungle boy, Heo, as the game character. When he goes nuts, he makes a hasty run on the forest track and never watches out for the danger in his way.

You know, the forest is full of thorn trees spreading spiny branches along the road. It’s natural! Heo should foresee, no? But he never does as he leaves it to the gamers, that’s you. Yes, you have to shove the thorns out of his way and let him run as long as you can. That’s all.

               clear the track, avakai games, ios games, android games                    Clear the Track, avakai games                    clear the track, avakai games, ios games, android games

Just a swipe

This is a one-touch game. You think just a thumb is enough? No chums, it ain’t. This is a game that calls for your close attention and focus.

When you start the game, you see Heo running in the middle of the road. You come across a long spiky tree branch with one end being thornless. Remember, you cannot change Heo’s path, but can bring the thornless part to the middle by swiping it. So if it is on the right side, swipe left and do vice versa. You hacked it? Cool, but stay alert! You would come across another limb right after it in no time.

You have come a long way, that’s really great! At somewhere, a bunch of thorny limbs welcomes you. However, you cannot brush it away but can cover with a log kept aside, just with a swipe.

Okay, now you learnt how to get along with the game. But what about the showstoppers?

First things first, you know the common rule that Heo should not step on a thorn. Besides, there are some key notes that you usually forget while playing the game. Here you go:

You cannot have a second chance to dismiss a barrier. This means, if you swipe left instead of right, it is going to ditch Heo for sure. Be careful! However, Heo runs faster as the game goes on and you move your finger with rocket speed. Strategically, all the thorny limbs are oriented in one direction that you will keep on swiping in one pattern. Eventually, you miss a hurdle that suddenly falls on the other side and it’s an ‘oops!’ moment for Heo.

Some smareople fix their focus on either left or right side of the screen and make a move when they see thorns. They forget a point that sometimes the track comes clear with the middle part of the limb being thornless and obviously, they mistake it for a hurdle and swipe. Damn!

The game hides another trap. On the screen, you can see three hurdles right after skipping one. You can slide a branch aside unless Heo is so close to it. So, you can cut the second hurdle only after cutting the first one. Just to mislead you, some consecutive branches keep the way clear and you can take a wink. A hurdle suddenly appears at the farmost point while the preceding branch still makes way and is yet to be crossed. Out of anxiety, you swipe the screen and that’s it man, game over!

Sometimes your brain gives wrong commands. A point not to be missed – we offer you an extra life to revive Heo. Oh, yeah! Just click to watch an enticing video we show you. That’s all!
With so many traps, this eye-teaser kills your time before you know it. So never be late to challenge the hasty folks at the leaderboard.

Download Clear The Track from AppStore, GooglePlay, and Sign in to the leaderboard before you start playing, just telling you.

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