Crawly the Caterpillar

Posted on July 1st, 2016

This one is an easy and addicting game ever. With simple controls, this game is real fun. What happens is, Crawly, the caterpillar is stuck on a river island. The only way for it to escape is to crawl over the floating logs of wood.

How to play:
Tap the screen to move and stop Crawly. Each log crossed successfully gives one point.

But be careful, as the river is flowing in full force, and you should only stop the caterpillar by tapping the screen when the head/tail is on the log of wood. Otherwise, Crawly will fall into the water and die. Crawly has a limit to which it can stretch so you got to watch out that it’s not stretched to its maximum length when it is over water.

Save Crawly by clicking on the links below:

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Crawly the Caterpillar

Crawly the Caterpillar 1

Crawly the Caterpillar 4

Crawly the Caterpillar 2

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