Dodge the hurdles with Isorotate

Posted on July 12th, 2016

Here’s an interesting hurdle game which will keep you hooked. Have some fun dodging the hurdles with Isorotate. All you need to do is guide your ship through a rotating isometric world filled with cubes and spikes.

How to play:

The controls are simple. Tap on the left/right sides of the screen to move the ship left/right.

Isorotate has two types of hurdles: Ones that rotate clockwise and ones that rotate anti-clockwise. These rotate at a fixed speed and time, which means you can score more once you have got a good hold on it. The pace of the game gets faster as it progresses, so keep up with it and don’t forget to pick up power cubes in between to unlock different themes in the Main Menu. Power cubes can also be earned by watching video ads.

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Isorotate game, Isorotate , Avakai games

Isorotate game, Isorotate , Avakai games

Isorotate, Isorotate game, Avakai Games