Belt panic

About the app!

Belt Panic is a fast paced, addictive game that requires you to move bottles from belt to belt in a bottling plant. Fill as many bottles as possible and don’t let more than 3 bottles break. Use power ups to your advantage and time them well so you can keep those bottles from breaking.

Slow Down: Use this when you need more time, this will slow the belts down for a short period of time.

Emergency Stop: Bottle on the edge of the belt? Use this to stop the belts completely for a short period of time.

Teleporter: Use this to teleport the bottle from the first belt to last. This is extremely handy when stuck in a tricky situation.

Don’t let the bottles out of your sight!

-Swipe up and down to move robots up and down
-Fill crates to earn power ups.
-Fill trucks to earn more power ups!

• Free to play!
• Fast paced gameplay
• Simple controls
• Retina graphics

Category: Strategy | Platform: iPad


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