Heo And The Rolling Stone

Posted on November 17th, 2017

You love watching a circus?

Of course, who doesn’t? We enjoy trapezes, juggling, hooping and a bunch of other circus feats but never try them at home. Do you know what would happen if you try?

Well, Heo is going to learn the same. He has just been to a circus and much impressed by the rolling globe. He can’t hold his horses to perform the stunt in front of his friends and show off his talent. But he doesn’t realize that it is a fraught with danger.

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Heo and the Rolling Stone

Rolling globe? Can he get one in the jungle? No way. But he finds a fill-in. Under a banyan tree, he finds a stone that is larger enough for him to stand and round enough to roll on the ground. With a great effort, he pulls it out and calls all his friends to enjoy the feat. Oh, now it’s showtime!

He stands on the stone and starts pushing it with his foot. But he forgets one thing that the road slopes down till the end and has so many hurdles like rocks, water puddles, muck and trees throughout the way. The stone starts rolling faster and sets off the alarm bells. Now, he is gonna have a bad time.

And it’s your turn to jump into his rescue. Help him steer the rolling stone and dodge the hurdles as long as you can. The more you go, the more you score.

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The Showstoppers

This is a one-touch arcade game. Just swipe the screen left and right to move the stone. Let’s assume that you are at one side of the road and there is a big tree coming your way. Be swift in swiping the screen to miss the tree. But when you are moving aside, a rock suddenly appears. If you are quick enough, it would miss by a hair causing your heart miss a beat for a sec. Else, it’s game over!

You crossed the rock, great! But right after it, there would be a puddle. what’s a big deal of it?  Well, the very moment the stone touches the water, it carries a great momentum for the next few seconds. And, you may fail to see the hurdle what seems to knock him down, uh-oh!

The stone is rolling normally and there are a tree and a rock ahead. Well, you have enough space between them allowing you to pass by. But sometimes, your calculation may get wrong and the tip of the rock may cause heo lose his dentures. So, never overlook the edges.

Do you see some mud over there? Be careful champs. Never swipe the screen when the stone gathers some mud. This would throw the stone forcefully and there might be anything –  a rock, a tree or both to finish the game. So when you make it through the puddles and muck, you are gonna draw more fun out of it.

Sometimes, we give you a hard challenge with all the hurdles queued up to give a bang. There you gotta show your caliber in ditching the showstoppers. However, you may fail to make it. But we love to offer you a second chance. Oh, yeah! When heo falls down, just click on the button to watch the video and resume the game. But this is for once only, remember.

Foreseeing the barriers,making a move to bypass them, the jerks of water puddles, the mud that throws aside – these are the reasons why the game is unique. Besides, the game is a simple arcade game that doesn’t eat much of your gadget’s memory and power.
Would you love to fight hundreds of folks steering the rolling stone to reach the top of the leaderboard?

Download the Heo and the Rolling Stone from the App Store, Google Play, and Do remember to sign in to the Amazon game circle before you start playing.

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