Heo’s Toss: The Jordan of Jungle

Posted on October 13th, 2017

TV  remote on one hand and a Coke tin on the other – such a nice combination. After finishing the drink, well, you don’t like to walk to the trash can. Rather, you try to throw it right from the couch and the joy when you make it is quite fulfilling. If it fails, hmm, let’s not talk about it.

However, you cannot get to have the fun every time. But, we wanted to give the good feeling just right on your palm, no matter when. And finally, we designed an arcade time killer Heo’s Toss.

Heo's Toss, Avakai Games

The story of Heo and Poco

When a jungle boy named Heo and his mouse friend Poco roam around the forest they come across a tree full of riped apples and want to pack them all away. Oops! They have to cross a streamflow that scares Poco to reach the tree. Heo  tells his friend to stay there holding a basket and crosses the stream. But you see, Poco is so mischievous and challenges his friend to catapult the apple right into the basket while he moves around.

Story sounds good, right? And the game would be more interesting, we assure you. It’s a simple single-player pastime. We have a clan of gamers competing for the leaderboard positions. It’s your turn to let the world know that you are the Michael Jordan of the jungle.

Heo's toss, avakai games, android games, ios games      Heo's Toss Gif, Avakai Games

The nitty-gritty

We made this game available on the App Store, Google Play and for ipads, iphones, and Android mobiles and it’s all free for you.

Let’s enter into the game. As the story reads, you can see Heo and Poco on the either side of the stream. And yes, you are Heo tossing the apples into the basket.

It’s time to exercise your brains to estimate the angle and force required to toss the apple and earn a point. You would see a rotating arrow mark at Heo’s end to set a shooting angle. Touch the screen to fix the angle and hold it for a while to power the fruit. When you are all set, remove your finger to toss the apple.

Shoot, You couldn’t make it? Don’t worry, dude. You can earn a life. Just click on revive and watch the video to continue with your game.

This time, be precise buddy! You can’t get a life again. So, assume the perfect angle and sufficient force and shot again. That’s it! You made it.

Keep throwing as many apples as possible and share the best figures of you with friends on social media or other networks and throw them a challenge.

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