Lead Your Way To Lisbon – Gamedev Camp, 2017

Posted on November 15th, 2017

The biggest game convention in Portugal, GameDev Camp, will be held on 24th November, 2017 in Lisbon’s Lusófona University of Humanities and Technologies. The fourth edition of the conference invites all members of the video game industry – game designers, programmers, artists, musicians, publishers, investors, students and whatnot. Team GD Camp has partnered with major gaming companies in Portugal like Nerd Monkeys, Collide, Fun Punch, and Nordic Games, along with the Lusófona University to organize this one day video game conference.

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The attendees of the conference will be meeting hundreds of likeminded people and listening to 24 gurus in different crafts of the video game industry. When you are stuck with a  challenge in your profession, a personal mentorship can do more than a public meeting. Or you may find a person useful for your project. If any of the invited guests to GameDev Camp are the one you are looking for, you can have a personal meet with them. GD Camp has three different packages for students, game devs and studios or brands. The ticket price for Students and game devs includes one ticket for the GD Camp event, a shared showcase table on first-come first-served basis, and subscription to the VIG (Video game Industry Group) for one year. The ticket price for brands/studios includes two tickets for the GD Camp event, a dedicated showcase stand along with one year subscription to the VIG. This mega game convention will be a golden opportunity for game studios and individual developers to gain great exposure for their work.

It’s everyone’s dream to show off one’s dream project to the world on a global stage. Participating in Nordic Game Discovery Contest is second to none on that front. GDC makes one’s way to the prestigious NGDC. The winner of the pitching event in GD Camp will stand the chance to enter the finals of NGDC which will be held in 2018.

Folks from all over the world will turn up to this global convention. And definitely, accommodation is everyone’s concern. GDC has something in its stores for all the overseas guests. The event organizers have partnered with some of the best star-hotels in Lisbon like Radisson Blu, NH Campo Grande, Sana Executive, and Hotel Alif Campo Pequeno. These hotels will be offering a good discount on regular prices for the attendees of GameDev Camp. But, remember! You should mention your registration for the event.

Past three editions of GameDev Camp were successful in conveying their message to the video gaming community. Those conventions represented the extensive growth in quality and quantity of production from Portuguese game studios. And the organizers are expecting something

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