MomoCon 2017: A Complete Package for Gaming, Animation, Comics & Fun!

Posted on April 25th, 2017

MomoCon is the largest gaming event in the South-East. This convention is quite popular for being an assortment of animation, gaming, comics, and costuming events. You get to enjoy, learn, compete, explore and get autographs from your favourite celebrity guests!

Momocon 2017 will be held from 25th to 28th May 2017 at Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta (GA). It welcomes people from all age groups. Last year over 28,000 turned up at the convention and their median age was around 24.

The Game Convention will feature PC/LAN Gaming, Console Tournaments, Console Freeplay, Classic Arcade, Board Gaming, Card Gaming, Role Play Games, and even Live Action Role Playing! There will be indie and published developers and hundreds of vendors at the exhibition. Exciting tournaments like Super Smash Bros For WII U – Doubles, Mortal Kombat Xl, Under Night In-Birth, Pokken Tournament, Steet Fighter V, Tekken 7 etc will take place. You and your family can have fun at over 40 arcades & cabinets, booths for sticker photos (Purikura), UFO catcher (Otaku Oasis), etc.

At the LAN Party, you will need to bring your own equipments and then you and your team can have a great time! There will be 48 spots to demonstrate Indie Games, to almost 32,000 attendees. Also, there will be Momocon Indie Awards Showcase for the winning entries.

Games do not have to be video games always. You will get to play a variety of Tabletop, Card Games and Role Plays. You can play Settlers of Catan, Cosmic Encounters, 7 Wonders, Splendor, Ticket to Ride, Agricola, Love Letter, Coup, Carcassonne, Power Grid, King of Tokyo, Small World, Ascension, Dominion, Suburbia and many others.

Catch the live performance from the Final Fantasy composers, on Sunday. A New World: intimate music from Final Fantasy will feature string quartets, piano and guitar solos, duos, trios and other mixed groups of instrumentalists.

MomoCon 2017 will be screening the newest anime available and also, the all-time-favourite ones. You can take part in various contests like Closet Costume Contest, Craftsmanship Costume Contest, Amv Contest, V-mix Competition and Disney Sing Along Contest

If you have some good art or craft work to show off, you can display or sell it at the Artist Alley. You can also go through the amazing artworks displayed and buy the one’s you like. You can also expect the Fandom replica car show to return this year, it would be an array of Fandom cars and bikes, a good chance to connect with fans and cosplayers.

The guest lineup will include famous, creative personalities like:

  • Deedee Magno Hall, currently the voice of Pearl on Cartoon Network’s Steven Universe
  • Greg Burnham, a Children’s Book Author, and Co-creator/writer of Tuskegee Heirs
  • Michaela Dietz, a Korean-American performer and voice-over actress whose credits include: Steven Universe (Amethyst), Barney & Friends (Riff), and Grand Theft Auto V
  • Mike Reiss, an American television comedy writer
  • Afua Richardson, the award-winning American comic book creator
  • Blikku, a veteran cosplayer, gamer, YouTube personality and actress
  • Charlet Chung, a Japanese/Korean-American television and film actor

If you are an organization looking for some fan exposure, you can also book your table at MomoCon 2017. If you wish to take some time off, relax or de-stress, you can come to the AKF room and have a word with Take This. You can also play some games to help Desert Bus for Hope raise more money for charity.

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