One More Leap Every Step Is A New Challenge

Posted on November 10th, 2017

If you like to improve your critical thinking, regular brain feed is as important as nutrition to your body. Some prefer puzzle-solving and some do exercise while some read more books. The ways are different but the bottom line is same.

And here, we make sure you do it in a funny way with a game of deceptive simplicity, One More Leap!

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What’s so simple and what’s not??

Believe it or not, looks can be deceiving. The theme of this arcade game is so simple in words. A box laid on a floor is the game scenario. Just move the box upwards from one floor to another. The controls are so easy. Just tap the screen and hold to set the path and release to leap. That’s all. The line is so simple, isn’t it? But it packs an ultimate challenge.

Can you believe that there is a tribe pouring in all their efforts to dominate the leaderboard? Here is the challenge-factor in making one more leap:

One More Leap gif, Avakai Games, game gifs       One more Leap, avakai games, ios games, android games       One More Leap gif, Avakai Games

The three sides of the arena have spikes walled up. So if the box jumps off-track, you can collect it as a million pieces. However, we make you comfortable with the first two moves. They are stable ones and you can easily set a path for the box.

You may miss the target just by an inch. Don’t worry, the box will land safely on the same floor. When you make a successful leap, the former floor vanishes. So there is no question of going down safely. Point to be noted!

Thereafter, the game moves like – leap between two moving platforms, again to a stable one and onto a moving one with spikes beneath it and it goes endless. Giving an extra cheese, they all move at different speeds hindering your progress.

As you go up, you have to take care of a bunch of things like the speed of the platforms, the anticipated track of the box and the relative positions with each other. So, catching a perfect track for the box is really something that claims your full attention.

At a point, the path may seem to fall clearly on the middle of the platform and you might launch the box, just to realize that the floor has slid to finish it up. How sad!

The platforms with spikes are really a sort of pain-in-the-neck ones. Usually, the box can get onto the edge of the platform though it launched at the last crucial fraction. But a spiky one never allows this and levels the box. So, be quick!

Nevertheless, we love to give you a second chance in pursuit of a high score. When the box breaks, just watch the video we play for you to revive and go ahead with the game.
And next, it’s all up to your patience. Go as long as you can and make the best amongst the folks. Can’t wait? Download One More Leap right on your gadgets from AppStore, Google Play or and show the world you are no less than a missile launcher.

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