Pixel Heaven 2017: A Paradise for the Game Lovers.

Posted on May 15th, 2017

The 5th edition of Pixel Heaven 2017 Retro & Indie Gaming Fest is going to held on from 25th to 27th May 2017. Last year, Pixel Heaven was bursting at the seams with 8000 visitors! This year the event will happen at 2 locations. Day 1 will be a conference at DEV.CONNECT Creativity Centre ul. Targowa 56, Warsaw and the remaining 2 days at Halls MZA ul.

At the event, you will find thousands of active adults and children who love games and technology. During these 3 days, more than 10,000 visitors are expected to visit Pixel Heaven 2017. The special guests at the event will include Bo Jangeborg, Charles Cecil, Mike Dailly, Rob Hubbard etc.

You can showcase your game at PIXEL.EXPO and compete for PIXEL AWARDS too. This will also facilitate networking between publishers, developers etc. 8/16 Bit Play Zone will have over 100 stands for you to play non-stop and re-live those golden times.

Some os the visuals from PixelHeaven  2016 event

I will be fun to competing with other players in the Tournaments. Apart from having a great time, you may also get prizes if you win!! Moreover, you will get to enjoy the Sociable Soccer VR! You may participate in the tournaments with virtual reality environment, Cool! Isn’t it?

The Main stage will feature presentations, discussions and memories of the bygone days of video games. There will be discussions on the culture of video-games, GameDev, business and arts. The Secret stage will bring to you Demoscene, Chillout and interesting stuff for the kids.

India Basement 5.0 will be devoted to independent artists. They will participate in the biggest competition for the independent developers, PIXEL.AWARDS 2017. There were 14 categories of awards last year. The participants will be judged on the basis of playability, talent, innovation, concept etc. Pixel Connect 2017 will be the conference where you canl network will game creators, publishers and investors. There will be discussions and case studies from experienced professionals. “Try My Game” will be a golden opportunity for developers to present their projects.

VR-Zone will feature exciting games and high-end equipment. A lot of excitement and fun waiting for you! Cosretroplay will be a unique cosplay where you can present only those video game characters that debuted in the 20th century.

Polish Graphics Digital will be a unique exhibition of amazing works by the Polish Graphic artists. The exhibition will showcase exceptional works by artists like m .in. James Różalski, Maciej Drabik Wojciech Fus, Adrianna Głowacka, Luke Nowicki Darek or Zabrocki. This exhibition will be an attempt to recognize the artists who use the latest technology.

Komix Zone will take you through the history of polish comics. Board Game Heaven will be an exhibition area for publishers and manufacturers of board games. There will be themed panels, discussions and presentations too.

You can also take part in the Exchange, it would be a dedicated area provided with electricity, school benches and chairs under the symbolic name “EXCHANGE Bajtek.” You will also enjoy playing Pinball at the event. You may compete for Pixel Trophy and Grand Champion, if you wish. No only this, VHS Hell will make you feel really nostalgic and bizarre through some of the old and forgotten movies.

Kid’s Play & Learn will be dedicated to the younger participants, special workshops will be organized for them. Some pinball machines and a few positions at the retro 8/16 BIT Playzone will be reserved for the kids. They can also have a good time with comics and board games.

You can relish good food at Potions and Food, food truck and cool drinks will be waiting for you. Last but not the least, have a blast at the after party!! Enjoy the concerts, bars and networking towards the end of the event.

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