Set sail for GaCuCon, Miami!

Posted on January 22nd, 2017


2017 is the launch year for GaCuCon. It was on September 24th, 2015 when the idea of GaCuCon came up. It will be one of its kind event starting with an Expo on the first day, followed by a 4 day long Cruise.

The first day would be on land. The Expo will showcase the latest gaming products and technology. It will take you through the best gaming experiences available in the industry today. There would be game demos for video games, tabletop games, card games etc. You will also get a chance to connect with the influencers and other gaming enthusiasts.

From the second day, the cruise will start off from Miami. It would move through Key West and take you to the gorgeous Cozumel island in Mexico. No doubt, the participants would be painting the town red. The ship, Carnival Sensation has a resort style swimming pool and three waterslides for you! The cruise would have fun, food and drinks! Can you ask for more? Well, actually you can. You will also get a chance to be a part of the convention. You would be listening to some renowned panelists and speakers from the gaming industry and participating in various professional development activities and competitions. You will interact with VIP guests from the field of game development, game media, game technology and eSports. Among the guests are Johnathan Wendel from FATAL1TY-ESPORT legend, DESTRUCTOID-Leading game industry media, Greg Street-Riot Games Design Director, Myron Mortakis-CEO Helm Systems, David Nunez-CEO Queen Birdface Productions, Frank Velazquez-South Florida IGDA, Pedro Guerra-CEO Good War Games etc.

This won’t be an ordinary conference, it would be informative, fun filled and a vacation like experience, all at the same time. You would be doing what you like the most, playing games, chit chatting, eating good food and sipping cocktails. There would be exploration and adventure filled quests, cosplay contests where you can show your creative and fun side, award ceremonies, comedy shows, bars, clubs, restaurants, movies, scuba diving, spas, mini-golf, art exhibitions, casino etc… the list is long! You will also get a chance to play your favorite LAN based games like Counter-Strike, Left 4 Dead Series, and more!

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