SMO – Bring the joy from table to tablet

Posted on October 27th, 2017

Challenging your friend at a game table keeps you in high spirits. However, ‘have-the-fun-anytime-anywhere’ sounds apparently impossible thanks to the heavy setup. But, we make it possible with a fun-packed two-player game, SMO, and assure you that you can have a whale of a time with your friend all over.

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The gameplay is unique to SMO. It may look similar to Air Hockey, one of those amusing games in a game room. But it comes with added fun and challenges, making it completely different from what you think.

A central line divides the arena for you and your friend. The game starts with the punk being on either side and the respective player should launch it with a serve. You should keep your finger on the striker and drag it while striking the punk.

Only a diagonal serve survives!

Unlike air hockey, SMO has some written rules for a decent serve. Make sure the punk touches the sidewalls, alias service walls, to ensure a valid service. The next serve will go to your friend if your service directly hits the straight wall and this service fault also brings a point to the opponent.

If your friend commits a service block, it makes him eat dirt as it brings you one point. So, he must make sure the punk has already touched a service wall before he shoots it.

Don’t let the third time

Once a valid serve is delivered, you have nothing to do with the service walls. You are free to strike the punk right at the moment it enters your arena. You can allow it to touch the walls on your side, but only for twice. Because, a third reflection brings a point for the player as well as the a chance to serve. So, never let it touch a wall for the third time, unless it is an upshot of your strike.

This situation is very challenging. Because, you have to keep two crucial points in mind that your friend’s strike should not take a third reflection anywhere and your strike should not cause the punk to touch your own walls. So all the while the punk is in play, you should launch it with an angle that it directly goes to the other side.

Remember, a shot towards your own walls gives a point to your friend.

You will be given a point when your strike takes three reflections. The last kiss can be on any side, though. However, you would get a chance to serve if it happened on the opposite side.

To be the winner, you should score a minimum of 9 points with a minimum lead of 2 points over your friend. In a case the minimum lead is not maintained, the game continues, resulting a scorecard such as 10-8, 11-9 etc. There is a chance of losing the game to the opponent despite your prior lead. Who knows? Tables can be turned at any moment!

Why late? Bring the game-table fun right on to your iPad from the App Store.

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