Snow Slide: An Adventure In Antarctica

Posted on December 8th, 2017

There is no feeling on earth like hiking in the polar region. The glossy snow covers, floating icebergs, and the adorable penguins fill your soul with serenity. We packed up the exotic experience with a fun touch in the enticing game, Snow Slide. Come, let’s take a tour to the south pole!

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Pengy’s Snowboarding

Pengy, a naughty penguin in the colony, wishes to snowboard on the glaciers. That’s really a cool idea, except for one fact that he is not older enough to do so. He needs an instructor to drive him through the icy course. Can you be the one?

Chaps, here is your checklist for the expedition: a smartphone, a visit to the App Store, Google Play or, and getting the game downloaded.

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Let’s go!

Pengy has selected a narrow and shattered glacier as the snowboarding track in the middle of the ice-cold southern ocean. Sounds risky, no?

Pengy can take only three commands from you. So there are three buttons at the bottom of the screen depicting left turn, right turn, and jump. The longer you make him slide, the more you score.

The drive starts on a curvy and odd surface, requiring your timely commands to Pengy. Do you remember that the track is shattered? Don’t worry, penguins are damn good at jumping. However, Pengy doesn’t leap without an order from his master, that’s you. And he is just a baby who can’t make a long jump. So commanders, keep your eyes peeled to spot the edges and airlift him at the right time. Either a second early or a second late can finish the game.

Coming are the sinusoidal bergs which are as thin as a rail. The moment he jumps onto those bergs, your fingers start pressing the screen a tad harder, a sign of anxiety! Yeah, this is the real fun in an adventurous game, isn’t it?

In a nutshell, this game tests how vigilant you are and kills your leisure time. So dear gamers, play it your way and stand unique in the crowd!

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