Taipei Game Show 2017 Kicks off!!

Posted on January 20th, 2017

TGS 2017 started on 19th January, with the theme “In the Game, To the World.” Sony Interactive Entertainment marked the grand opening ceremony and PlayStation Asia President, Hiroyuki Oda made an appearance dressed in “Full Horizon: Zero Dawn cosplay”.

Taipei Game Show 2017, avakaigames

TGS is undoubtedly one of the biggest gaming trade shows in the world. This year it has stepped into its 15th year. It is being held from 19th to 24th Jan in Taipei, Taiwan. 26 countries are participating and there are almost 1,550 booths and 311 exhibitors. You can watch TGS-2017 live! It is being broadcasted live by Twitch. Currently, Bandai Namco is hosting Gundam Versus live on Twitch and Youtube. Whether you a game enthusiast or a business, TGS has a section exclusively for your needs.

The event began with the B2B Zone(19th-20th Jan). It was a major attraction for game professionals ranging from publishers, developers, third-party payment companies, and advertising platforms. The major participants were FOVE, Cyber Z, Silent Bark, and Jeonnam Global Game Center.

Asia Pacific Game Summit was the conference dedicated to discuss the gaming industry trends with respect to development, marketing, operations and ventures. The speakers discussed the industrial trends, marketing and promotion, indie games, VR, and game development and design.

B2C Zone(20th-24th Jan) is the entertainment zone for the game lovers and the general public. This 5-day event is showcasing a wide range of console games, mobile games and online games. Some of the exhibitors are PlayStation, Bandai Namco Taiwan Ltd., SEGA Games, Ubisoft, KONAMI, mixi, Gravity, Google Play, and HTC Vive.

Also, Indie House is featuring independent developers from 14 companies around the world. Board Game Wonderland is once again wowing the board game lovers. The team from Pili Heroes is making the visitors solve a series of puzzles in order to escape from an ancient tomb.

Virtual Reality continues to be the focus of public attention. VR lovers are having the time of their lives while enjoying mind blowing games from Sony Interactive Entertainment Taiwan, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Taiwan, HTC VIVE, Google Play, G2A.COM etc.

Apart from its games, HTC also unveiled HTC Vive applications in VR and is showcasing its Mixed Reality games. Taiwanese developer Rayark’s new role-play mobile game, Sdorica, is being demonstrated too. Here’s the teaser:

Taipei Game Show has become one of the greatest hubs for branding and business activities in the gaming industry. Taiwan is the heart of Asia Pacific game market. Since 2003, TGS has been striving to bring the world’s attention to this market. As per Newzoo’s report, 58% of the growth of global games market in 2016 came from Asia-Pacific region. No denying the fact that TGS played a pivotal role in this development and will continue to do so.