Teleport Pro: The Sorcerer of Space

Posted on December 15th, 2017

“Schklikt, klikt!” Villain loads his gun and aims at the superhero. His index finger on the trigger and he is about to riddle our hero’s body in a moment. “Bang!” The gun fired, but the man suddenly vanishes before the bullet reaches him. “Yes! It’s a miss” you are relieved.

Watching our favorite comic characters escape such dangers wizardly, gives us goosebumps. You little champs assume yourselves as the sorcerer while playing with your mates. How about having a weird power to teleport? If you love having the disappearing skills, you would definitely love Teleport Pro.

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Teleport Out of Harm’s Way!

This game revolves around a space shuttle launched for a mission to explore the forbidden planets and collect cubes from there. But those objects are safeguarded by destructive mechanisms. So, the mission needs your help to survive the drive through a trappy expanse. Show your wisdom in predicting the risk posed by spiky spheres and rotating bars. Don’t worry! A spectacular power of teleportation helps you.

Just like Deadpool’s teleportation belt, this space shuttle too has a gadget for flash teleportation. So you can shield the shuttle in the face of danger. Wow! Then it’s gonna be so simple. But wait, there is a twist for you. You cannot control the gadget. In fact, it controls you. What!!? But how?

Doctor Strange whirls his hands, jumps into the circle and travels from Nepal to New York without an airticket. In our game, it’s way different. A power beam emitted from the gadget helps teleport, however, the distance and the direction depends on the beam’s up and down swing.

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Your savior can be the destructor

Beginning in the blue space, this game is a fight between the mild person and the bold person right inside you. You can either take risks in pursuit of the cubes or just travel the universe for the sake of a good leaderboard position. But let us tell you one thing before you decide it. There are a few more planets in the game with formidable challenges that can only be unlocked with a deal of 100 cubes. We know, you can’t miss an adventurous journey through a strange world.

There are some traps targeting your lust for the cubes. Just an example, you might come across a cube that is located right at the reach of a rotating bar. Your mission is to collect the cube and leap immediately. The shuttle heads to the cube while you are staring at the screen without blinking. Your finger is over the screen, ready to tap when it’s a pick. The shuttle has done its job and you immediately teleport. Boom!!! You own the wrecks of the shuttle. Wondering how it happened? Simple, you missed the orientation of the bar and tapped on the screen while the beam was still pointing to it. That’s all, game over.

While playing such an action adventure, usually your focus centers around the protagonist. In an urge to escape from a risk, you jump hastily and catch hell. But to survive, you have to foresee the path and make prompt moves on the go. Nevertheless, your vagus nerve makes you play this game again and again.

So guys, download the Teleport Pro from AppStore, Google Play and and show your friends that you are sharp-sighted and quick-fingered than hundreds of others on the leaderboard.

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