The Little Plane HD

Posted on August 29th, 2017

Today, we have an exciting travel package for you and it’s absolutely free.

Starting from the New York city, we will take you to the Sahara to visit the pyramids. Later, we will enter the skies of the icy Arctic to say ‘Hello!’ to the Eskimos. Thereafter, we will head to a dark world where monsters go on hiking in a moonlit night.

You know the surprising thing? You are going to pilot your own plane and face the vigorous challenges in those beautiful lands. Ooh, sounds crazy!

No more waiting then. Visit the AppStore and download the adventurous game, The Little Plane HD, right now. Oh yeah! All this first-hand experience is right on your iPhone.

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A world tour with a little plane

We are looking for those active fingers which can input timely commands to the plane to go on a successful world tour. The aerial traffic is congested with so many hurdles and you have to fly devoid of the snags. Can you do this?

Here is what you should do for a safe flight:

The game controls are so simple. Just tap and hold the screen to take the plane up and release the finger to take it down. To fuel the plane and protect it from the inevitable threats, collect the fuel drops and shields in the way. However, you have to prove your skill in avoiding collisions in pursuit of these amenities. It’s a big challenge, you know!

For each theme, you have a set of objectives to be fulfilled and in the process, you would play the game again and again and get addicted to it, we tell you. Come, let’s check out those captivating themes:

Flying over the New York city

The game starts with a classic city theme. With taller skyscrapers and a variety of birds, the skies of the new york city are very much crowded. The crows are so deadly that even a shielded plane cannot withstand the crash. The tiny bluebirds may not ruin the plane, but can let the energy bar go down. If you fail to collect the toolkits at the right time, your journey will come to an end, mind it! So, escape the hurdles deftly. When you could barely find a way, you can also shrink the plane for a while to pass by the barriers safely.

Once you meet all the objectives of the theme, you can head to the Sahara.

A flight across the Sahara

The sand dunes of the largest desert in the world look so beautiful in an aerial view. Yet, this is going to be an intricate journey. Don’t get carried away by the gigantic pyramids and palm trees. Beware of the danger bells rung by the hungry Egyptian vultures, long legged camels and thorny cacti.

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One big vulture follows you all the way, looking for a chance to bang the plane. It comes closer whenever you run into a smaller bird. So, never take the little ones for granted.

In the desert theme, you are going to experience brutally high temperatures. Your plane’s thermometer blows hot. The rising flames depict the level of temperature. You are lucky if you could get wet in the rain and stay cool. But never fly into the clouds, they give you a thundershock. Be careful!

Done with the Sahara? Let’s go to the Arctic.

Chilling Arctic

Now you are in the skies of the coolest and most beautiful part of the earth. To survive the bone-chilling cold, you should collect the flame pickups in your way. Beware of the icebergs and Arctic Terns that are in their way to pull the plane down.

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The tall and green alpine trees covered with snow covers pose a great threat to the plane. You might be flying low to collect a fuel drop or a flame pickup. But a tree suddenly appears, forcing you to fly high. Even a second’s delay would vandalize the plane.

After you travel a certain distance over the arctic ice, you will face the real challenge. Making the aerial traffic more congested, some penguins and dolphins enter the scene. You will come across a group of jumping penguins and at the same time, an Arctic tern or some other bird would come flying across, not allowing you to go up. The moment you think of going down, a dolphin might suddenly jump out of the ocean. This is really the high-time for you to use a shield or to get shrunk. The choice is yours, but be quick!

Once you are content with all the fun in the Arctic, you will be leaving for another adventurous journey.

Monsters in a moonlit night

It’s a flight across the land of monsters and bats. In the moonlit night, you can barely watch the flying bats and hiking monsters with their eyes glowing in the dark. You can see a light meter at the top of the screen which is to be maintained low by collecting the light pickups. Else, the entire world would become darker and you cannot see anything. Thus, the journey will come to an end.

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One more challenging thing in this theme is that the bats don’t fly straightly like the other birds. So, it will be a tad difficult thing to guess their path. Sometimes, bigger bats and monsters all block the way, leaving a small gap to pass by. This is really challenging to prove your agility in moving the plane.

The longer you travel in a theme, the more you can score. Sign in to the game circle before you start playing and never be late to share your best figures with your friends and challenge them. Well, with these four themes, the tour comes to an end. However, we would like to give some extra fun for you. We added a classic 3D theme wherein you can enjoy a first-hand experience of the flight. So guys, grab your 3D glasses to savor it to the fullest.

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