Fun Learning for The Young Ones

Posted on December 1st, 2017

Hey, Guys!

Do you know what are the animals that live in a desert and how do they look?

You might have read about these things. But naturally, dear young ones forget them quickly. Okay, let me ask you a simple question. What are the birds you see in the Angry Birds game?

Hmm, the names are coming like a flowing river. Great! We know how you can learn, little champs. You love to play and remember anything related to the game.

So, we made one such superb game and named it – The Young Ones. In this game, you are going to play with funny images and sounds of animals, their babies and the homelands.

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How to Play?

Sounds interesting? Come then, let’s see how you can get the game for your gadgets and play it.

Visit the App Store (for iPhone & iPad) or Google Play (for Android), type ‘The Young Ones’ with your little fingers and tap the search button. There comes our game; hit ‘Install’.

You got the game, right? That’s great! Let’s start playing.


The game starts with a full view of our mother earth. This huge planet features a variety of lands to shelter a variety of living beings. Wanna see them all?

Take a spin around the earth to have a 3600 view of it. With one touch, it gets closer to you. Just swipe it and visit the grassland, desert, iceland, and wetland.

First, let’s take a tour to the Grassland. There are several animals searching for their babies. You gotta help them find the little ones with your answers to simple questions. When you select an animal, we ask you what its little one is. We also give you three choices.

When you give the right answer, the child animal comes to the mother, singing out songs (in its natural sound!).

Alright, you don’t know the answer. We are there to let you know new things, we already told you. So we give three chances. Rest assured that you will find the answer. Once you are done with all the animals in one field, you can unlock the next field and play the next round.

What’s Brilliant About the Game?

The game brings all the life around you into your palms. Different fields, animals and the little critters, and eye catching visuals will make you play the game till the end. While having the fun, you can learn some interesting facts about the animals. After playing the game, you can easily identify an animal by its sound. So don’t forget to plug in your earphones, dear young ones.
So kiddies, learning is no more boring for you. Go on a trip to the strange parts of the world and say hello to the animals. Download The Young Ones from Play Store, App store and Amazon games. Have fun learning!

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