Trapeze Infinity Welcomes You, The Ringmaster

Posted on December 22nd, 2017

Hey, gamers! Hope you are playing great.

We know that your thirst for challenging games is never-ending and so, here is a playful game Trapeze Infinity for you. Well, the name itself reveals the theme of the game. There is a circus performing the Flying Trapeze act. The trapezist is a novice and she needs your help.

Looking at the crowd presented, the little girl gets nervous and misses the timing to jump from one catcher to another. What a pity! Don’t you want to help her?

It’s time to step into the shoes of a ringmaster. Give her your timing, agility and accuracy. Control the swing of the trapeze and let the act go forth in the infinite loop. The farther you go, the more you score.

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What’s Challenging?

A game with no challenge is just as awful as a half-boiled chicken. If you are looking for a game that stimulates all your senses for a while, look no further. In its store, Trapeze Infinity offers you the same to match your pash for games.

You already know the theme. Now, let us see what you’ve got to do to prove yourself as a man with perfect timing.

The moment you swipe your mobile and tap on the game, it takes you to a circus. Here, you see some beautiful girls performing the trapeze act in front of a bunch of audience. The girl under the spotlight is the one you need to play for. She stays unmoved at the first trapeze and you have to help her go forward.

You can see two buttons on both the sides of your mobile screen. On the left, the button reads SWING i.e., pressing the button causes the trapeze to swing. On the right, it is JUMP, pressing on which the girl jumps to the next trapeze. When the catcher holds the girl, you will score a point. Else, you lose.

It sounds so simple, right? But it takes all your heed. Show accuracy in estimating the speed, timing and agility to make a move. Your impeccable observation makes the game more amusing.

The catchers, separated from each other, are not static. They keep on swinging. She needs some force to reach the next catcher. So, first things first. You need to give momentum. Go with a full swing. Ouch! The girl can cross two catchers in a row and then, fall down! Over speed kills, guys. Keep in mind, you should swing it with enough speed to give momentum to reach the next trapeze. Believe us, it’s hell of a big challenge.

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Timing is everything in life boss. And there lies your next challenge. You can’t leave the hands whenever you feel like. The poor girl may miss the catcher by a hair and get a dressing. Keep in mind – these trapezists are ever-swinging. Alert all your senses. Observe the movement of the catcher, wait for your moment and then jump! Kudos, you made it. And then…just keep on playing and show your patience and form to the world.

We appreciate your game and would like to present you a life when you are out. Oh yes, you can revive just by watching the video. But we tell you, this is just a one-time favor.

What Makes You Love the Game?

When a game fails to give you the kick you expect, it is just good to nothing despite the features on display. We believe in this fact. Trapeze Infinity is a minimalistic game. Nonetheless, it has a unique selling point.

You may think what’s difficult in the game. But remember the proverb, “don’t judge a book by its cover”. Scoring in this game is not so easy as it seems. You can’t wink while you prepare for the jump and your heart skips a beat when you finally do it. You may bloom or may blow it. But each time you score a point, you feel relieved. The more you score, the more you get involved with the game. This subtle experience separates it from other games and makes you fall in love with it.

There are hundreds of players falling and rising in the ring. Check your rank among the crowd on the leaderboard. Suppose, you made a very big score. Share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and other networks. How about challenging your friends? Yeah, you can do it. Throw a challenge at your friends to beat out your score.

Wrapping Up

Two buttons, one action and several challenges… Trapeze Infinity is a compact of thrill and challenge with a good-looking user interface and easy controls. As every moment deals with keen observation and timing, it gets you involved completely in the game.

What can be more interesting than challenging shrewds? Run for the top position on the leaderboard while the folks around you are up to their necks in the game.

No challenge is simple. Trapeze Infinity is such a game that teases your senses all the while giving you fun. It’s available on GooglePlay and AppStore. Download and enjoy.

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