Travel to the space, play TrajectoryShip

Posted on June 21st, 2016

The idea behind this game is very simple. You are a spaceship who must safeguard itself from the asteroids while travelling on a defined path. How long your spaceship can survive depends on your ability to time yourself according to the movement of the asteroids.

How to play:

Travel your way through a galaxy in your spaceship with TrajectoryShip. All you need to do is control a space-ship orbiting a black-hole in the midst of zooming asteroids by touching the screen and dragging left or right. You can also slow the ship down by tapping the right side of the screen.

TrajectoryShip TrajectoryShip 3 TrajectoryShip 2 TrajectoryShip 4

It’s not only the asteroids…you got to beware of the black-hole too! If the space-ship gets too close to it, it will get sucked into the black-hole. The player has a total of 20 space-ships to choose from. These can be unlocked by picking up coins in the game. Coins can also be earned by watching video ads.

Here are the links to your spaceship:

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