Sprint, Sway And Survive – Tree Clamber

Posted on September 22nd, 2017

How would you feel when you do something mischievous and flee?

That would be a hell of a big thrill, wouldn’t it? Kemo wants to taste the experience and that rings the danger bells. He is on the edge now and looking for some hasty fingers for his rescue. Could you be the one? Entertain yourself with Tree Clamber.

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Kemo can be Crazy

Our Kemo is a chameleon that lives on a large tree. He always does some really silly things that trigger a fuss. This time, he had an ado with the bees. Oh, God bless him! These bees are too aggressive with deadly stings. He finds no way except clambering up the tree to escape from the angry folks. To his misfortune, there are a hell lot of hurdles in the way. Gosh! he has got to steer clear of the limbs. So, he needs your help to hop from side to side.

Proceeding with the game

Tapping on the game, you can see Kemo on the stem of a tree. He can move only in two patterns, a straight upward way when tapped on the same side and a zigzag fashion when tapped on the opposite side. Let us elaborate it for you. If Kemo is on the right side, tap on the right side itself to let him go upwards and to bring him to the left, tap on the left side of the screen.

Every successful move you make will bring you a point. Keep in mind that it’s game over when either Kemo hits a branch or the bees appear.

The real flavor of fun

The real fun in a game comes only when you meet a challenge. So get ready to take up the gauntlet. We made this game a little tricky that throws out three challenges to you. All along the way, the tree has branches on either side of it. So here is the first crux; you need to watch out for the branches as our Kemo cannot jump over them. Please, don’t screw him up, guys!

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The second challenge is to prove your agility. As Kemo can’t vault the limbs, be swift to change his path. If you can’t move your fingers faster, you would feel sorry for Kemo. Keep it in mind.

And here comes your third challenge, guys. This ensures that you will never slow down. Remember, our Kemo is running away from the bees and you just cannot afford him to fall back. So, keep an eye on the distance bar that blows hot and cold. On a par with your moves, it goes back and forth. So dear gamers, never let it touch the ground.

Nothing other than masterminding your eyes and fingers could make it more enticing, right? Nonetheless, we do you a one-time favor with an extra life. Yes, we do as we wish you go on a streak. So when you are out, just click on revive and watch the video to go ahead with the game. But remember guys, it’s just for once.

The leaderboard

Hundreds of gamers are making a run for Tree Clamber’s leaderboard. So never be late to let the world know that you are a Houdini. Log in to the leaderboard before you start playing and check your rank among the faster fingers.

Made a high score? You are no less than a Superman, dude! Why don’t you share the big number with your friends? Let them know your achievement on Facebook, Twitter, and whatnot.

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